Railroad Development Services

The ‘Iron Horse’ has long crossed the nation from coast-to-coast for a variety of transportation purposes.  Today, the railroad industry provides for the ever growing need for the transportation and delivery of commercial goods and services, as well as passenger commutes. Railroads are capable of transporting substantial amounts of cargo with significant efficiency.

Railroad Development Engineering Services

Process Industries Services

Our expertise in process industry engineering is wide-reaching and includes work on chemical, oil, gas, pulp and paper, steel and metal processing projects. Our goal is to make your processes more efficient, your product quality more consistent and increase productivity.

process industries

Civil Services

Civil Engineering is about enhancing the quality of life in our communities. Our teams work hard to exceed expectations in everything we do, from master planning and site design to construction administration and pavement management programs.

Civil Engineering Services

Structural Services

Our structural engineers deliver innovative, economical solutions keeping in mind available resources. In addition to the more traditional steel, concrete and wood, we've also engineered the use of more unique materials – including ice – for specialty structures.

Structural Engineering Services

Curtain Wall Services

Larson's experience in curtain wall engineering has made us an internationally recognized expert in the field and we're proud to have worked on some of the most renowned buildings in both the U.S. and abroad. Our services include specialized design for seismic and blast-resistant curtain wall structures.

Curtain Wall Engineering Services

Energy Services

Larson has served the Energy sector for many years, helping our clients navigate government oversight and regulation; tough political and physical environments; generation constraints; transmission bottlenecks; technology changes; and global influences. As your consultant, we'll help you "power-up" to take on these challenges and meet demand in the ever changing marketplace.

Energy Engineering Services

Agricultural Services

Larson's experience in serving agricultural clients spans over 30 years. Large scale storage and transfer facilities including ports, barge loading facilities, country elevators, shuttle loading facilities as well as unique equipment designs such as shop loading gantry's and long span conveyor bridges are all in our portfolio. You can be assured of receiving professional and state of the art designs with Larson Engineering.

Agricultural Engineering Services

MEP Services

The mechanical, electrical, plumbing and fire protection components of a building are key to operational efficiency. Larson's expertise and insights, combined with superior systems design services, ensure your project's success. Our work in this area includes construction management, as well as facility audits and feasibility studies.

MEP Engineering Services

Pulp & Paper Services

Larson Engineering has many years of experience in the design of pulp & paper projects in all areas of the mill. Larson Engineering brings together process design along with mechanical, structural, electrical, and process control to provide a comprehensive package for your project needs. From the engineering feasibility studies through detailed design , construction, and start-up, Larson can make your project a success.
Pulp and Paper Engineering Services

Health & Safety Services

Larson offers a comprehensive line of health and safety services to assist you with regulatory compliance (OSHA and GHS) issues, hazardous materials management (lead and asbestos), indoor air quality concerns and Process Safety Management (PSM). Our highly experienced and diverse group of professionals can address the various aspects of health and safety. Larson’s staff includes chemical, mechanical, electrical and petroleum engineers, and safety professionals, industrial hygienists and environmental specialists with extensive pulp and paper, oil and gas, petrochemical, industrial, commercial and manufacturing experience. This experience provides our clients with a solid understanding of the challenges of integrating health and safety into the day-to-day operations of a facility.

Health & Safety Engineering Services

Virtual Design & Construction Services

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is a collaborative, technology driven process where a building or component system is designed, coordinated and detailed within a 3 dimensional virtual environment. The BIM process generates a digital, information rich model that can be utilized for a multitude of data based functions. Through the integration of BIM, our engineers can iterate design options and cost implications quickly and accurately while improving constructability and enhancing multi-discipline coordination.

Virtual Design & Construction Engineering Services


Industry today is challenged by a wide range of regulatory, political, environmental, economic, societal and technological issues.  Regulatory compliance is ever-changing and solutions can be either simple or complex.   To meet these challenges, Larson offers a variety of environmental and health & safety services to our oil and gas, commercial, manufacturing and industrial clients throughout the United States and Canada. Our staff’s experience centers on evaluating and ensuring compliance with federal, state and local environmental regulations as we partner with our clients to help them meet environmental goals while balancing business needs. 

Environmental Engineering Services

Agricultural Engineering Services Civil Engineering Services Curtain Wall Engineering Services

Energy Engineering Services Health & Safety Engineering Services MEP Engineering Services

Pulp and Paper Engineering Services Railroad Development Engineering Services Structural Engineering Services

Virtual Design & Construction Engineering Services

News & Awards


181 Fremont Tower

181 Fremont Tower has been featured in Structure Magazine. Our Maryland Heights, MO Office was part of the design team for this project. You can find the article here.


Whitney Museum of American Art

The Whitney Museum of American Art has been featured on the cover of the May Civil Engineering Magazine. Our Maryland Heights, MO Office was part of the design team providing the fire-rated curtainwall. You can find the article here.


Larson Attends the Biomass Expo Confrence

Our Norcross, GA Office recently attended the Biomass Expo Confrence in Charlotte, NC. At the trade show Larson offered virtual reality tours through some of their material handling projects using Oculus rift-glasses. These glasses allow users to look around them by just turning their head.


Second Harvest Heartland

Employees from our White Bear Lake, MN Office volunteering to help package food which will go to those in need around the Twin Cities.



Richfield Middle School Science Fair

Employees from our White Bear Lake, MN Office volunteering to help judge the 2016 Richfield Middle School Science Fair



Denver International Airport Hotel & Transit Center

The Denver International Aiport Hotel & Transit Center was recently featured on the cover of ENR Magazine. Larson's White Bear Lake, MN Office was part of the design team for the Curtain Wall on the Hotel. You can check out the article here.



Larson is growing!! We are now offering services in the Northeast

We are pleased to announce that our Missouri Office has opened a branch office in New York City. The New York office provides structural engineering services to architects, fabricators and curtain wall contractors in the Northeast region. The office is located at 104 West 40th Street, New York, NY 10018.


Glass Magazine Award-Winning Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center

The Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, was named the Most Innovative Entrance Project by Glass Magazine. Our White Bear Lake Office was part of the design team for this striking all-glass and entrance canopy. More information on this project can be found Click here to learn more.


Harvard Art Museum Combine Three Museums into One

The new Harvard Art Museum combined three separate art museums into one and was recently featured in ASCE magazine. You can check out the article here. The (Maryland Heights Office) designed the custom steel facades including the courtyard and the sloped skylight. Click here to learn more.


ITSBuildingThe Innovation, Science & Technology Building

The Innovation, Science & Technology Building at the newly formed Florida Polytechnic University, is featured in the March 16th edition of ENR magazine. Our White Bear Lake Office designed the pergola that lines the outside of the building and the operable louver arm. You can check out the article here. Click here to learn more.


Oh how resilient America is!

In light of the horrific acts perpetrated on September 11, 2001, we remember, we grieve, we rebuild, and we persevere.

Photographer Benjamin Rosamond compiled a 2 minute time lapse video, spanning 3 years, to capture the construction of the new One World Trade Center. The result is a beautiful portrayal of this striking façade. Larson Engineering's Maryland Heights, MO office was proud to be part of the design team for One World Trade Center as well as Tower 4. You can view the video here


Edith Green-Wendell Wyatt Federal Building

Larson Engineering was responsible for the structural design of the Edith Green-Wendell Wyatt Federal Building's unique façade. This building was recently awarded the best new tall building in America by the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat. To read full article click here.


Larson Engineering Haiti ProjectHaiti Project is complete!!

Patrick O'Brien in our Maryland Heights office has been working hard on this 1,400 sq. ft. physical therapy clinic in Petion-Ville, Haiti The clinic was built for an organization called the Global Therapy Group www.globaltherapygroup.org. This organization has provided daily physical therapy services to Haitians since the January 2010 earthquake. Patrick is an active member of "Engineers without Borders". With the help of the St. Louis office, Patrick performed the structural design and furnished the structural design drawings for this charitable project. The St. Louis office was proud to donate to this cause.

ExonMobileExxon Mobil's Expansion Plans

Check out Texas based oil giant Exxon Mobil's plans for its Houston-area expansion. Larson's Scottsdale office is currently working on the Curtain Wall design for the building. [For full article, click here]



One World Trade CenterOne World Trade Center featured on cover of Modern Steel Construction

One World Trade Center was recently featured on the cover of Modern Steel Construction magazine. Check out the February edition and read more about this monumental project for Larson's St. Louis office. [For the full article click here and go to page 26]


Max Plan ProjectThe Max Planck Florida Institute Project featured in Metal Architecture

The Max Planck Florida Institute project was recently featured in Metal Architecture magazine. Our Chicago office worked to design the building envelope to withstand extreme weather events. Read more about the project here.



One World Trade CenterOne World Trade Center has made it to Time Magazine!!!

Click on this link to check it out along with a panoramic 360 degree view that you can spin. Read more about this project here.



Our Mission

Together we passionately use our engineering talents for the enhancement of our people, our communities and our clients.