Target Corporation

Target Corporation
Various locations throughout the United States

Larson Engineering has performed more than 150 pavement and ADA evaluations at various Target store and distribution center locations in the United States. Associated with these evaluations, Larson Engineering has also provided project design and construction administration services for pavement reconstruction projects at more than 100 Target stores located in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Missouri, Nebraska, Kansas, Kentucky, Alabama, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina and Tennessee.

As with other clients, concerns over guest access during construction, traffic flow during paving operations, and ADA accessible parking during construction are always forefront with these projects. Communication with the Store Team is critical to determine the best schedule and to tailor solutions for each location and situation. The paving work is closely coordinated with the Store Team Leader and the contractor so that operations are minimally impacted. To meet these needs, Larson Engineering has often designed the work to be performed in various phases to ensure traffic can get to the store and parking areas, along with maintaining safe guest access to the store during construction. Loading dock closures are scheduled with the shipping itinerary allowing products to be relocated to another dock door as necessary.

Annual construction budgets administered by Larson Engineering have been as high as $13 Million. Larson Engineering has performed pavement analysis and ADA accessibility reviews, developed the construction documents, solicited qualified paving contractors, and reviewed bids. During construction, Larson’s engineers perform construction administration and inspections to verify that the projects are constructed as designed.

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