Building Energy Services

All buildings consume energy, some more than others. Three dimensional energy modeling allows for the building owners to explore energy alternatives and approach decisions from an educated, non-sales perspective. Programs such as eQUEST and EnergyPlus can simulate the energy performance and utility consumption of a building with great accuracy. Once a baseline is created based on local energy and building codes, the owner can explore energy saving options. Possibilities include high performance windows, more efficient HVAC equipment, high efficiency lighting, water saving devices and more. The energy savings options are then compared against the baseline to provide the owner with cost savings over the life of the equipment or device to determine the return on investment.

Energy modeling can also be used to achieve LEED certification. Larson Engineering employs many LEED accredited professional engineers in multiple disciplines. They share unique insights into their field of expertise.

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Energy modeling for LEED Certified buildings

Evaluation of energy reducing systems and predicted cost savings

Alternative energy analysis and predicted performance

Assistance in equipment specification and performance based off of model predictions

Studies in predicted energy reduction to aid in future energy improvements


Mechanical engineering services

Energy analysis services

Energy simulation

Mechanical system design

Electrical design

Equipment specification

Equipment selection

Construction material selection

Economic analysis

Alternative energy simulation

LEED design

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