Prefabricated Building Services

Prefabricated buildings come in a variety of materials including wood, steel, composite panel and aluminum. Applications of prefabricated buildings include border patrol check points, amusement parks, toll roads, industrial facilities and prisons. These structures may also have the unique requirement of being bullet or blast resistant. Larson Engineering has the extensive experience to work with your specific product and needs.

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Complete structural design including gravity  system, lateral system and anchorage to supporting slab or structure

Design using various materials including steel, aluminum, glass and composite panels

Analysis of bullet resistant and blast resistant structures

Design of structures in high seismic design categories and hurricane-prone regions


Building structure design and calculations for gravity, wind, seismic, snow, ice, blast and other specific loads for the project location

Production of structural construction documents

Review client provided drawings

Construction administration

Site inspections and field reports

Blast resistant design

Registered in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands, Mexico, 9 Canadian Provinces and all 3 territories






Illinois - Naperville
Ross Huntley, S.E.

Minnesota – White Bear Lake
Doug Hughes, P.E.

Missouri – St. Louis
Patrick O'Brien, S.E., P.E.

New York - New York
Naseem Albori, S.E., P.E.

Wisconsin - Appleton
Kevin Wisniewski, S.E., P.E.