Roseville Area Schools

Roseville Area Schools – Parkview Center School Bus Drive and Parking Lot Reconstruction
Roseville, MN

Larson Engineering assisted the Roseville Area School District by improving safety and traffic flow at Parkview Center School. Separation of bus drop-off and student drop-off, along with additional parking spaces was created by redesigning the drive for buses to enter a designated area and routing cars to another area, yet keeping the drop-off in close vicinity to the school entrance doors. In addition, traffic circulation to the loading dock was also improved and the dock area was expanded. Because of the existing topography of the school site, a retaining wall was required to allow for additional pavement areas to be constructed and the wall was designed to double as a bench for students waiting for buses. Parking lot and sidewalk lighting was also upgraded as part of the project.

This project was first identified through in Larson Engineering’s evaluations as part of the District Wide Pavement Maintenance Management Program. To assist with the budgeting process, Larson Engineering worked with the District School Board to plan and finance the reconstruction work for the project over two years. Larson Engineering developed the construction documents, assisted with the bid opening and review of the contractors, performed construction administration and construction inspection.

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