Reality Capture

Reality Capture is the act of using a scanning tool such as a laser scanner to accurately measure and map an existing space. Laser scanned point clouds can document the real world existing conditions quickly and accurately down to the millimeter. The point cloud data can be used to create a 3D digital model supported by and linked to multiple platforms including Revit, AutoCAD, Navisworks, Civil 3D, Sketchup, and Inventor. This digital model allows all members of a project team to virtually walk through a space using VR Technology, take dimensions from the points in the point cloud, and even add comments. You can feel confident that your data is accurate as compared to traditional measurements taken by hand. An added benefit is keeping your employees safe because there is no need to physically access hazardous or inaccessible locations where data is needed. Eliminate costly repeat site visits when additional information is required and reduce errors in the field with clash detection early in the project. Communicate and collaborate with the entire team by using Webshare Cloud point cloud sharing software. 3D Scanning applications include site surveys, obtaining accurate data of existing conditions for the A/E/C industry, construction monitoring/verification, forensic scanning and historic preservation among others.

With Larson Engineering, your team will have the distinct advantage of collaborating with engineers that understand the unique aspects of BIM technology and apply them to bring maximum value and sustainability to your innovative designs.

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Industrial facilities looking to upgrade vertical access for their employees

Site survey of existing bridge being repurposed



Processing and registering data to obtain a point cloud

2D drawings created in Revit or AutoCAD

3D model

Point cloud



Illinois – Naperville
Amber DellAngelo, S.E., P.E.