Industry Track

Industry Track

With unmatched personal attention and clear communication, Larson Engineering will set the stage for a successful project that is on time and within budget. The Larson Engineering team will assess and apply the applicable standards for rail and commodity handling. Our design solutions will align to your business operations with consideration to future growth, as applicable.

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Planning, design and engineering of track network for rail operated facilities and industrial sites

Turnkey design solutions for facilities varying from energy, petroleum, petrochemicals and ethanol, to grain, agricultural, pulp, paper and wood products

Unique solutions for non-standard and oversized cargo shipping and handling

Seamless integration of rail component into plant operations

Coordination with servicing railroads for review and approval of track design and site plans

Collaboration to optimize the operations


Value Engineering and Alternative design development to optimize the financial aspects of the project and physical constraints of the site

Complete engineering and construction documents

Post-design services and coordination during construction process

Project management and quality control

Integration of required main line improvements in compliance with a railroad carrier servicing the facility

Interdisciplinary and external coordination within design team

QA/QC, independent design and constructability review services


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