Main Line

Main Line

Concept Designs, Cost Effective Solutions, Strategic Planning, Assessment and Analysis, Experience and Expertise. This is Main Line Corridor Planning, Design and Engineering. Larson Engineering will provide your service needs in a personal and professional setting to make your Main Line project a success.

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Perform all required track design tasks for projects in the main line corridors

Develop new track geometry, track realignments, relocations, reconfigurations, and track design for bridge replacement projects

Deliver complete sets of engineering and construction documents in full compliance with FRA and AREMA recommendations and to comply with applicable standards relative to specific carriers

Assessment and analysis of existing track and right-of-way conditions, terrain, potential conflicts, environmental impacts, permitting procedures, cost analysis

Develop and evaluate multiple alternatives for expansion projects. Provide comprehensive visual and written materials to assist in the decision making process

Develop comprehensive rail construction phasing plans and temporary rail traffic schematics

Experience in track design for shared freight-passenger operations


Long range strategic and short term planning. We perform prerequisite tasks for future project ignition, and assist with sequence and scope of future projects.

Perform Value Engineering, alternatives development and thorough analysis

Assessment of benefits, challenges and constraints, and project-associated costs

Complete track design and engineering

Provide engineering documents for track and infrastructure

Develop plans for construction phasing and temporary rail traffic during construction

Independent design reviews, program management, and many tasks on behalf of the client

Comprehensive and effective project planning and management

Analysis of critical track conditions, problem evaluation, and development of solutions targeting increase if operational performance and reduction of maintenance costs

Rail traffic simulation

QA/QC and independent design review services


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