Structural Evaluation

Larson Engineering is skilled in providing evaluations of existing structures, including assessments of renovation applications, cracked concrete or masonry walls and roof or floor structures to support new or additional loadings and equipment. Additionally, Larson Engineering has the expertise to evaluate structures, facades and buildings that may be structurally compromised due to modification, or damage caused by fire or other catastrophic event. Should your structure be compromised, Larson Engineering can provide solutions to regain structural integrity.

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Adaptive reuse of buildings of various materials and construction types

Evaluation of structural components or systems to find the current load capacity

Seismic retrofit of lateral force resisting system to meet current building codes

Assessments of structures damaged due to natural events such as fire, flood, wind and seismic activity

Evaluation of structures damaged by a man made event such as explosions and vehicle collisions

Evaluation of existing roof structures to support new/modified mechanical rooftop equipment


Structural evaluation of existing buildings and structures to determine general conditions and provide maintenance/repair recommendations or suitability for rehabilitation

Existing floor/roof structure capacity analyses

Equipment layout and load analyses

Fire, seismic, wind or flood damage assessments to determine extent of damage and best repairs

Change of use evaluations

Analysis of existing structural systems based on knowledge of past construction methods and materials

Design of systems to stabilize, repair and strengthen existing framing

Design structural modifications necessary to meet current code requirements, life safety provisions and/or change of use

Registered in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands, Mexico, 9 Canadian Provinces and all 3 territories







Arizona - Scottsdale
Kirk Smith, P.E.

Georgia - Norcross
Jason Carlson, P.E.

Illinois - Naperville
Christine Wrobel, S.E.

Minnesota – White Bear Lake
Doug Hughes, P.E.

Missouri – St. Louis
Mike Goeden, S.E., P.E.

New York - New York
Naseem Albori, S.E., P.E.

Wisconsin - Appleton
Kevin Wisniewski, S.E., P.E.