Advanced Skin Care Institute

Advanced Skin Care Institute
White Bear Lake, MN

The owner wanted to maximize parking on their site, which is adjacent to a wetland.

Through multiple design concepts, an additional 102 parking stalls were created three separate areas of the property. Various materials were discussed, but pervious concrete pavers provided the most aesthetically pleasing, environmentally friendly, and maintenance friendly design.

This system allowed for two stormwater ponds to be displaced and the parking lot placed directly over the top of the existing ponds. The three separate areas were designed independently and the design was based upon the size of recharge bed feasible, the size of the proposed parking lot, and the amount of impervious pavement draining to the proposed lot. The east lot required perforated corrugated metal arched pipe below the pervious paver system to sufficiently treat a large volume of stormwater from the existing impervious parking lot.

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